My Activities

For the following island activites you can be sure to get the lowest rates on the island – so enjoy!

Sailing around the island, already a classic!


Sailing around the island, snorkeling and having a snack at Puka Beach. This 4 hour trip is actually the most popular and relaxing day of our guests. Just talk to our reception and we ensure you get the best rate on the island.

Kitesurfing, yes you can fly!

kite surfing

Yes, Boracay is the kitesurfing mekka in Asia. In case you have some basic kitesurfing skills and you can handle the kite safe and independently, you can rent a top quality kitesurfing equipment from us. Yes, at the lowest rate on the island.

Skimboarding, watch the local boys, you wanna try as well!

skim boarding

For just 100 Pesos you can get our board for the whole day and practice.